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I recently joined this community, and while reading the archives, came across this entry about Elayne Angel, a girl whose giant wings are currently the first and only tattoo to ever hold a registration from the U.S. Patent and Trademark office. Which, by the way, is just the design, not the actual idea of having wings tattooed on your back.

About 10 minutes ago, I found this page about her, recognized the wings, and read on.

Angel's first major tattoo was done by Bob Roberts, at Spotlight Tattoo in Los Angeles, in 1986. These are the much photographed black and gray angel wings for which she is so well known. The tattoo was done over four sessions, within a month, totaling 18 hours of work. (That Bob is fast!)

Insert the sound of me choking on my soda. In 2003, the year after our high school graduation, I was best friends with Bob's daughter, Ava, who did all five of my tattoos. Over the course of our friendship (which really only fizzled because we're both horrible at calling people to keep in touch, I could probably call her right now and things would be like nothing changed), I learned her father's tattoo shop is pretty well-known, and many famous people have gotten their tattoos done there and by Bob. It didn't quite hit me til now.

I almost want to go get another tattoo right now just so I can say "Hey, Bob, I found out you're the artist who tattooed the only trademarked tattoo!" He'd probably just glance at me over whatever he'd be working on at the time, and in that deep voice of his say "Yeah. Cool, huh?"

Nothing like a strange fact like that to make you wonder how your old best friend's doing. :P
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