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Did you know?

Life's questions and answers

Did You Know?
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did_you_know is a community for posting random facts and asking some of life's little questions.

Fact : Did you know lexus and toyota are the same company?
Fact : The human head weighs 8 pounds.
Question : Why is bra singular but panties plural?
NEW! There is an answer to this question!

etc. you get the idea.

Also, you can ask a question and see if anyone has an answer for you. It can be a serious question or just something you're wondering about the followers of this community.

Serious Question : Who really invented the internet?
Wondering : Which do you like better? Coke or Pepsi?

And please, do not promote other communities here, unless you're creative about it.
-omg! lyke you toTALLY have to jOiN my cOMmUniTYYYY!!! is BAD
-Did you know that there's this totally awesome community called did_you_know? is GOOD
Get it? and NO rating communities whatsoever, because they're stupid.

Membership is open to anyone and everyone.
You maintainer/moderator here is creativecstasy